A small company with big heart

KA Creative Group grew from the simplest of concepts—offer big design services to smaller businesses, while remaining flexible, affordable, and impactful.

Every branding, design, website and book project benefits from the passion, insight, creativity, and enthusiasm our dynamic team brings to the table — more ideas, more services, more creativity, more value. Our clients benefit from a customized, seamless, and enjoyable creative process from concept to project completion. We LOVE what we do and it shows...

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FOUNDERS — Erin Anderson + Tammy Kennedy

Our Company

In 2010 Tammy and I were running our own studios and trying to figure how to spend more time together while doing what we love. Kennedy Anderson Creative Group grew from not only our desire to work together, but to work with other like-minded creatives. Wanting to offer a complete range of strategic creative services, we fostered connections with other industry specialists and were able to build a knowledgeable, experienced team. We have since garnered a reputation in Surrey as the go-to design team for exceptional service, insightful strategy, and impactful design. 

Fast-forward to late 2021...Tammy decided to embark on a new career venture in real estate! With her creative marketing skills,  passion for interior design, and love for connecting with people, we have no doubt she will be a huge success. Kennedy Anderson has been shortened to "KA" to both honour the past and look forward to the future! Interestingly enough, "KA", in ancient Egypt, represents the spiritual part of an individual human being, which survives and resides in statue form. We couldn't think of a more fitting way to honour Tammy and her contributions over the past 12 years!

Our clients range from hospital foundations and municipalities to tech firms, start-ups, and not-for-profits. Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning, and we continue to grow together.

We believe in living where we work, working where we live, and giving back to our communities. Our team shares similar values, along with a love of laughter, bubbly, and strong coffee.

“Collaborating with an experienced creative team enables us to offer a wide range of customized agency services while remaining approachable, adaptable, affordable, and able to focus on what matters most – our relationships with our clients and their brands.”

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